The Map of Arth 

Arth in Sepia


Ontar Hold has long guarded the narrow pass into the vast mountainous Anwar Region. It is the ancestral home of the ancient Ontar family, whose power has dwindled under the ravages of time as much as from the ceaseless winter. 

True, Ontar is not the glorious kingdom it once was. But if Lisella Ontar has her way, all that is about to change… 

Ontar Map in Sepia


Take a Trek from the Northern Anwar

into the Upper Y’Nag . 


The icy Barat and Black Seas mingle on a rare calm day.

Black and Barat

 The middle of Anwar, just northeast of Ontar.


The thaw begins.


The Anwar Pass, thawed.Thawed

The Upper Y’Nag forest.

Upper Y'Nag

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