JLawrence – Inborn ebook, Smaller Size

The Code Sings.

The Caller has Returned.

The Blood of Ontar Will Rise Again.

Every action has consequences. Some change everything for the good. Others can get you killed. The worst kind can get people you love killed instead.

Thaniel never meant to hurt anyone. But he wasn’t the type to do nothing while the innocent got hurt. So when he saw the terror in his girl’s eyes and a soldier chasing her, he couldn’t just stand there.

Thaniel wasn’t looking for enemies. As a slave, he wasn’t trying to attract the attention of the Ontar either. He definitely never meant to awaken any kind of lurking Inborn magic. Especially not the kind that can be used to Call monsters down out of the sky.

But he did…

As the whirlwind of consequence gains intensity and the people he loves the most are swept into the tumult, it’s up to Thaniel to find a way to save his loved ones. Join Thaniel and friends as he discovers that monsters are not just born…

Sometimes, they are Inborn.

Inborn (Kindle Ebook)

Inborn (Nook Ebook)

Inborn (Smashwords Ebook)


JLawrence – Ramphyr V2 ebook


The Code Wills.
Every Empire Demands Crimson.
Ancient Evil Twists the Bloodborn of Ontar.

Lars Telazno told Thaniel that wielding the Jen’Ghon before he’d been trained could be disastrous. He’d even warned him that he could hurt the people he loved.

Thaniel was born headstrong…

Join Thaniel and his friends, as he learns that the chains forged in the crucible of regret weigh the most—and that monsters don’t die that easily, especially when…

They are Ramphyr.

Ramphyr (Kindle Ebook)

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