Author Pic J. Lawrence has been going to Arth since childhood. Family members said the boy had a very healthy imagination that he would grow out of soon. Little J. Lawrence’s was excited about the new information, because if healthy things could be outgrown, then he would see an end to eating nasty vegetables. However, as he grew older he realized that the level of detail and the emotional entanglement he felt went far beyond that of a healthy imagination. Over a period of years, one glimpse at a time, an entire world filled with magic and monsters had taken shape in his head. Family members started looking at him funny when they thought he wasn’t paying attention.

The boy stopped telling people about his trips to Arth.

J. Lawrence grew up. He married his high school sweetheart, and fathered four children. He lives a very normal life, one that is filled with love and happiness. He became a highly specialized construction project manager in Buffalo, New York.

Yet, the visions never stopped.

Then, while surfing on the internet, he saw something that convinced him that Arth was not the invention of a boy who never grew up. Arth was real. With a burning desire to share his experiences with the world, he started writing the Sagas of Di’Ghon that day. If asked, he willingly confesses that he is not the author of the Sagas of Di’Ghon and likens his role in the creative process to that of a simple scribe. Arth itself is the real author. He just writes down what he’s seen.

Whatever the case, many readers have come to enjoy his mad ramblings, and often write that they feel like they’re actually there, to which J. Lawrence replies with a boyish grin, “Story of my life.”

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